The MENU > MESH page on the Service Mesh Manager web interface shows information about your service mesh and the control planes.

Mesh overview Mesh overview

The page shows the following real-time information:

The mesh in numbers

  • CONTROL PLANES: The number of Istio control planes in the mesh.
  • CLUSTERS: The number of clusters in the mesh.
  • ISTIO PROXIES MEMORY USAGE: Current memory usage of the Istio proxies (sidecars).
  • ISTIO PROXIES CPU USAGE: Current CPU usage of the Istio proxies (sidecars).
  • ISTIO PROXIES NOT RUNNING: The Istio proxies (sidecars) that are not running for some reason.


Displays basic status information about the clusters in the mesh.

Clusters Clusters

This is mostly useful in the multi-cluster setup when multiple clusters are in the mesh.

Control planes

This section displays information and metrics about the Istio control planes in the mesh, including version and revision information, and validation errors.

Istio control planes in the mesh Istio control planes in the mesh

Click on a specific control plane to display information about:


Shows information and status about the pods of the control plane.

Control plane pods Control plane pods


Lists the proxies managed by the control plane, and the synchronization status of the cluster discovery service (CDS), listener discovery service (LDS), endpoint discovery service(EDS), and route discovery service (RDS) for the proxy.

Control plane proxies Control plane proxies

Trust bundles

Shows the trust bundles defined for the control plane.

Validation issues

Lists the validation issues for the entire control plane.

Control plane validation Control plane validation


The timeline charts show the version and revision of the Istio proxies used in the mesh, as well as error metrics from the Istio Pilot agent, for example, rejected CDS and EDS configurations. (Istio Pilot agent runs in the sidecar or gateway container and bootstraps Envoy.)

To display more detailed metrics about the resource usage of Istiod and the proxies, click on a control plane in the Control planes section.

Control plane metrics Control plane metrics